Webinar Topics – EVERWEBINAR


This webinar is 3 hours of jam-packed information.  Be prepared to be engaged the entire time, taking notes, learning, and most of all, supercharge your retirement plan.

General Principles of Retirement

  • Understanding how much money you really need in retirement and when you will and won’t get it
  • Getting you could have versus getting what the government will give you by default
  • How every person is different and you can’t use your co-worker’s good idea for you
  • Do what is best for your beneficiaries (HINT: most federal workers do this WRONG!)
  • The value of knowing what your true numbers are (not just what the government says it will give you)
  • AND knowing what those numbers mean (which are often very different than what you would think)


  • When are you eligible to retire? (HINT: It’s NOT based on your SCD)

  • Different rules for Special Provision (Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Air Traffic Controllers) 

  • How much pension the government will give you vs. how much you will actually get

  • What is included in your HIGH-3
  • Buying time back

  • How sick leave and annual leave affect the amount of pension you will receive
  • Cost of Living Adjustments and how it’s not quite what you thought it was going to be
  • How federal and state taxes may affect you
  • The best day & month for you to retire
  • How long it will be before getting a full pension check

Special Retirement

  • Who is eligible?
  • How much might you receive and when will you be cut off
  • How taxes and COLAs affect the SRS
  • Working and receiving this benefit (HINT: It’s usually a no-go)
  • What questions you should ask to take full advantage of this program

Social Security

  • Will it be there when you need it?
  • When you can start drawing SS vs. when you should
  • How FRA, PIA, COLA & Taxes will change how much you get
  • How not to miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars of SS over your lifetime (no joke) and how people unknowingly do it every day
  • How spouses bring in another set of strategies and opportunities
  • What questions you should ask to make sure you get as much money as possible

Federal Employee
Health Benefits

  • Making changes before retirement vs. in retirement
  • Differing rules of FEDVIP (dental & vision)
  • Adding family members before and after retirement
  • Participating in open seasons after retirement
  • How much the government will pay
  • How FEHB cost doesn’t go up, but your cost will
  • Example increases over the last 10 years
  • Bonuses for federal couples
  • How Medicare may or may not work with FEHB
  • Medicare’s penalty and how to avoid it
  • Should you choose FEHB or Medicare or neither or both
  • How TriCare fits in the picture
  • What questions you should ask to make good decisions

Long Term

  • Overall understanding of why long-term care is needed
  • How many will need it and for how long
  • Who provides long-term care and how long they provide it (NOTE: this will shock you)
  • Considering VA & FEHB & TriCare
  • Types of LTC coverage
  • What the federal plan looks like
  • What it takes to be accepted
  • What FLTCIP covers and what it doesn’t
  • Decisions you need to make when buying FLTCIP if you need it
  • Details on waiting periods, satisfying timelines, and exemptions from premiums
  • What questions you need to ask to make a good decision


  • Why this is one of the most misunderstood benefits & difficult to plan for
  • Cost before vs. after retirement
  • How to qualify for SBP
  • How not opting in can seriously affect your loved ones
  • The differences and similarities of SBP and life insurance
  • Questions you will need to ask yourself to make sure you do this one right

FEGLI – Life

  • What FEGLI is and is not
  • Understanding of when costs go up
  • The four FEGLI options and limits to FEGLI
  • Understanding of when you may want FEGLI compared to private life insurance options
  • Questions you should ask to make sure you get the best value for your hard-earned money

TSP – Thrift
Savings Plan

  • The phases of the TSP
  • Contributions and matching  and funds how to do it right
  • The mistaken understanding that almost all federal employees have about growing their money
  • How Lifecycle funds work and how they could be good or bad for you
  • The two questions you need to ask to earn as much as possible in your TSP
  • The difference between Roth and Traditional TSP allocations
  • How to take out money how & when you want it
  • TSP Modernization Act pros and cons
  • Six options for your money after retirement
  • What the TSP won’t do
  • Strategies to keep your money or grow it
  • What questions you should be asking to make your TSP work for you today and in retirement