Reactions to this webinar from actual participants

“Awesome webinar and a must take.”

– Deborah, DHS

“I wish I had learned this 20 years ago.”

-(Too many people to count)

“I thought I knew my benefits.  I had no idea…”

-Glenn, VA

“(This) was phenomenal.”

-Cynthia, VA

“Register for this webinar ASAP.”

-Pierre, FEMA

“Everyone needs this seminar. It is a must do.”

-Kim, CBP

“Kevin was very clear in all explanations. The presentation was very organized and detailed.”

-Joyce, VA

“I will recommend. Highly informative. Presentation was balanced. Not pushy.”

-Laura, VA

“(You) talked about things that the Fed. government doesn’t tell people.”

-Mary, Fish & Wildlife

This was an awesome presentation!! I’m telling anyone who will listen to sign up.

-Bert, FEMA

“We went to a day-long workshop a few years ago and today’s webinar was more specific to our questions about retirement.”

-Michelle, VAMC

“Excellent Webinar – the best I’ve attended, and I’ve been to a few.”

– Rick, USGS