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Federal Employee Retirement Benefits
Simply Explained

Federal Employee Retirement Benefits Explained for Humans

Confused by your retirement benefits?

(you’re not alone)

You’ll get clear, understandable answers simply explained.

“I thought I knew my benefits.  I had no idea…”

-Glenn, VA

“(You) talked about things that the Fed. government doesn’t tell people.”

-Mary, Fish & Wildlife

“Awesome webinar and a must take.”

– Deborah, DHS

“Kevin was very clear in all explanations. The presentation was very organized and detailed.”

-Joyce, VA

“I wish I had learned this 20 years ago.”

-(Too many people to count)

“Excellent Webinar – the best I’ve attended, and I’ve been to a few.”

– Rick, USGS


Principles of Retirement

Principles of Retirement

FEHB - Health Benefits & Medicare

FEHB - Health Benefits & Medicare

Social Security

Social Security

CSRS / FERS Pensions

CSRS / FERS Pensions

FEGLI - Life Insurance

FEGLI - Life Insurance

SBP - Survivor Benefit Program

SBP - Survivor Benefit Program

TSP - Thrift Savings Plan

TSP - Thrift Savings Plan

SRS - Special Retirement Supplement

SRS - Special Retirement Supplement

FLTCIP - Long-term Care Insurance

FLTCIP - Long-term Care Insurance

That's a lot of info, but... More importantly, you will learn...

–  How to maximize your retirement rather than just receive the default
–  How to make sure you are getting everything you deserve
–  To not pay for things you don’t need and keep the money for yourself
–  The right questions to ask
–  What YOUR numbers look like
–  Why water-cooler talk is more often wrong than right
–  How your income and the cost of benefits will change over your retirement
–  How to take advantage of the little known rules
–  Why the amount they say you will get isn’t the amount you will actually receive
–  How to overcome any negative circumstances you will run into

Do you know the answers to these situations? 

If not, you need to register for a workshop ASAP.

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3 – Denver, CO

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9 – Webinar 12pm MST (AZ)

10 – Webinar for FEB NY (FULL)

15 – Webinar @ 10am CT (full)

Can you answer these questions?

Should I do FEHB and Medicare?

How does Survivor Benefits actually work?

How long will it take before I get a pension check?

Is FEGLI a good deal in retirement?

How do I make my TSP last as long as possible so I don’t run out of money in retirement?

When is the best day and month to retire?

How much money do I need in retirement?

How do I structure my retirement to avoid unnecessary taxes?

What do I need to do so I can leave my family all of my money instead of letting the government take a large portion?

How do I make my TSP grow as much as possible?

Is Long-Term Care insurance really worth it?

If not, then coming to our webinar it not just a good idea,