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What is a Workshop Like?


To make sure your workshop is interactive and your questions can be asked and answered, we limit the number of people in each workshop.

Each Workshop Includes:

  • A light lunch (in-person workshops only)
  • A workbook with the materials
  • Exercises in each class
  • “Next Steps” or action items after the workshop is over

Each workshop covers the following major topics

Pensions (CSRS, CSRS Offset, FERS)

Special Retirement Supplement

Social Security

Survivor’s Benefits

Health Care (FEHB & Medicare)

Life insurance

Long-term Care


How federal and state taxes will affect you

How federal and state taxes will affect you

Medicare, Medicate and how they mix with FEHB

how much money you will need in retirement


Eligibility to retire

When is the best time to retire


How military service mixes in

When should you draw Social Security

Will you get the FERS supplement

How to grow your TSP


And there is no cost to attend the workshop!

Financial Literacy Initiative

This workshop fulfils the financial literacy initiative for the Federal Government, giving each federal employee the appropriate training for CSRS/FERS retirement. We encourage leadership who has questions about this retirement workshop to attend and experience it for themselves. We are confident you will walk away wanting all employees to take the training.

DUNS Number: 117359579