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Retirement Forms

CSRS Retirement Application: SF-2801

FERS Retirement application: SF-3107

CSRS complete pages 17-18 only
FERS complete pages 9-10 only
Fill out sections A&E only, and don’t sign it.
Turn it into HR.

If HR pushes back, let them know you can request this because of the verbiage at the top of the form, #2.


(A possible alternative is to mail it straight to OPM. This method has not been verified, however.

U.S.Office of Personnel Management
1900 E Street, NW
Washington DC 20415-1000


Other Useful References

GRB Platform

Some agencies use the GRB, an internal online system, to print off retirement reports from HR.

Social Security

Create your personal My Social Security account.

FEHB Changes

FEHB: To make changes midyear to your FEHB because of a Qualifying Life Event (QLE), use OPM form 2809, the Health Benefits Election Form.

DD214 – For Military members.

Request a copy of your DD214 for buy-back calculations

If Your Spouse Passes

FEHB: Update your FEHB plan (links to the left)

Survivor Benefit Program: If you chose the to pay for the Survivor Benefit Programyou can stop the payment from your pension check by filling out the Request for Change to Unreduced Annuity, form RI-20-120.

FEGLI: if you have Option C coverage, complete the Statement of Claim, Option C Family Life Insurance form.

FEDVIP: You may want to make changes to your dental and vision programs. Contact them at 1-877-888-3337

Beneficiary forms: Make sure these are updated (links above).